Root Canal Therapy

You may be in need of Root Canal Therapy (RCT) if the nerve of your tooth is damaged. Damage to your tooth may arise from an accident, a cracked tooth or filling, or a badly decayed tooth. Severe pain, sensitivity, tooth discolouration and swollen gums are all signs that you may need root canal therapy.

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What is the procedure?

  1. Decayed and damaged pulp contained deep within the tooth is removed.
  2. The root and pulp chamber is filled with a special material designed to fill the canal and helps prevent reinfection.
  3. The tooth is then sealed. Your dentist will discuss with you how best to complete this part of the procedure during your visit.

Myths and misconceptions about RCT

Root canal therapy is always an extremely painful ordeal → MYTH!

  • Root canal therapy can provide much welcomed relief for people experiencing severe toothache.

If you leave the problem alone it will go away → MYTH!

  • Not seeking dental treatment for fear of pain will almost inevitably lead to a worse outcome. Much like the old saying, a stitch in time saves nine, early dental treatment can save you a lot of pain, time and money.

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