Check Up & Clean

While it is vital you brush and floss your teeth at least twice day, there are areas of your teeth and in your mouth that are difficult to reach and so require cleaning by a dental professional in order to maintain proper dental hygiene. We recommend you undertake a dental check up and clean every 6 months. This includes a full examination of your teeth and general oral health by one of our highly qualified dentists. Dentists also check for signs of oral cancer and gum disease. Scaling and polishing will also take place. This is a preventive dental treatment that removes the hardened layer of plaque. It is this layer which can result in gum irritation and is often the main cause of gum disease. Removal of plaque can reduce the yellow appearance of teeth. A fluoride treatment is recommended by our dentists to prevent decay. Digital x-rays may also be taken to further check your oral health.

Our patient recall system offers you a friendly reminder via your chosen method when it is time for your next check up and clean.

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