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Do you have missing teeth? Or do you have a missing front tooth that makes it hard for you to smile or speak?

Worry not because at Identity Dentistry, we offer a modern solution to this problem. For a seamless, long-lasting, durable, and beautifully aesthetic tooth replacement, consider Dental Implants Canberra at Identity Dentistry.

At Identity Dentistry, we take care of you throughout the entire dental implant procedure, from the initial consultation, to the placement of the implant, to the final cementation of the implant crown.

Every stage of the implant procedure is performed here in our surgery, providing you with absolute personal care.

Dental implants are used when a tooth has been lost or is missing and can offer the ultimate solution for restoring functionality and aesthetics of the mouth. An implant replaces both the lost natural tooth and its root.

It provides several advantages over other tooth replacement options – in addition to looking and functioning like a natural tooth, it replaces a single tooth without sacrificing the health of adjacent teeth, as a dental implant will integrate with your jawbone to replace your tooth root and thus the bone is less likely to resorb, that is, to deteriorate.

Dental implants are an innovative treatment solution to replace missing teeth. This is a titanium-made material that is made to encourage the normal function of tooth roots.

These titanium posts are inserted into the jawbone. They biologically engage into the bone to provide a stable anchorage for the attachment tooth crown and this durable foundation allows for normal functions of the tooth to be carried out, such as biting and chewing.

Then a crown is fabricated over the titanium posts, aesthetically shaped to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. This modern treatment in dentistry is the closest you can get to the look and function of natural teeth.

Dental Implants Canberra is now considered to be the ideal treatment for teeth replacement. These are among the benefits of this modern treatment:

  • Restores normal function

With removable and fixed dentures, dietary cautions should be applied to prevent breakage. But the titanium posts are durable enough to withstand biting and chewing forces due to their biological bond onto the jawbone.

  • Improves appearance and boosts self-esteem

When in place for missing front teeth, Dental Implants provide aesthetic cosmetic restorations that seamlessly mimic the appearance of adjacent teeth. Also, the titanium posts prevent unstable movements that may cause dislodgment accidents when speaking or smiling.

  • Enhances phonation and pronunciation

Normal speech is often disturbed or slurred in removable dentures but this is not the case in Dental Implants Canberra. Implants are steadily placed and functionally adjusted to promote normal speech.

  • Preserves natural tissue and tooth structures

Removable dentures may cause receded tissues overtime. But the titanium posts of Dental Implants Canberra prevent this as it provides support for these soft tissues. Tooth structures are also preserved as this treatment does not warrant shaping of adjacent teeth which is always done for fixed prosthesis.

  • Long-lasting treatment solution

Dental Implants are a good investment for tooth replacement as this has a life expectancy of over 15 years. This is provided that regular dental visits are made, proper oral hygiene is practiced, and the patient keeps a healthy lifestyle, free from diseases.

Your first appointment will be a consultation with Dr. Moore to ensure that an implant is suitable for you. This involves looking at the amount of bone available around the tooth.

There are 2-3 stages to placing the full implant tooth.

The “implant” or titanium screw is surgically placed into the jaw and left to heal. A temporary tooth replacement option can be worn over the implant site. This implant screw acts as the ‘root’ of the new prosthetic tooth. Once the implant site is healed, your new tooth (crown) is designed and fitted to the implant using an abutment.

An implant provides a long term solution that maintains your jaw bone and gum tissue whilst supporting a fully functioning, natural looking tooth. Clients are able to restore their old confidence, ability to chew and speak and leave with a natural-looking tooth and root replacement that will last for years to come.

Dr Anthony Moore, a member of the ITI (International Team of Implantology), has considerable experience both in placing and restoring dental implants and uses the latest techniques and methods to ensure a predictable and aesthetically pleasing result. To find out more about dental implants or to discuss your treatment options, please contact us for a consultation.

1. Consultation

First, our dental professionals are to check whether you are a candidate for this treatment. Your initial consultation with us will help us assess the health and quality of your jawbone which are important factors to guarantee the success of Implant Treatment.

When all the necessary steps to confirm that you are an Implant candidate, you are briefed on the treatment protocols and educated with the procedure itself. 

2. Surgical Procedure

Our dental professionals at Identity Dentistry are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and modernised equipment to handle Dental Implant Canberra cases.

The dentist is to drill a small hole on the site of missing teeth. Modern equipment available in our clinic such as computer imaging and scanning allows for better visual clarity on the area.

Then, the titanium post is firmly inserted into the hole and a titanium screw will cap and seal the post in place. It is important that the post is not disrupted to facilitate healing and to encourage biological fusion of the titanium with the jaw. This important process is called Osseointegration.

3. Osseointegration

This will take 3 to 6 months before completion and this is to allow fusion of the replacement tooth root in the form of the titanium post with the jawbone. During this time, our dental professionals will keep track of your progress to ensure that integration is taking place.

4. Placement of Prosthesis

When Osseointegration is complete, your dentist can now place the prosthesis over the implant. This may be in the form of a full denture or series of replacement teeth with implant support on several areas of the ridge or a crown attachment on a single implant post.

At Identity Dentistry, our highly skilled and experienced dentists practice the most advanced and innovative implant treatment procedures to guarantee a high success rate and long-term solution to your dental problems.

Visit us at Identity Dentistry now for a dental implant Canberra and let us help you with your brand new smile.

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