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Identity Dentistry recognises the importance of Preventive Dentistry in the campaign towards a good state of oral health and more positive wellbeing for the people of Canberra. Dental problems are only ever a concern if there is neglect on what...Read more
Good oral health is one of the benchmarks of a positive well-being and a good state of holistic health. At our clinic, we make it a point that our patients and all within our reach are aware that good oral...Read more
At Identity Dentistry, we prioritise preventive dentistry and believe in patient education and good oral hygiene to be investments for an overall healthy state of physical wellness. We always encourage our patients to have regular dental visits with check-ups and...Read more
That toothache of yours often won't choose a convenient time to play up. Don't be afraid to leave us a voicemail in the middle of the night so we know to call you back or send us an early morning...Read more
For unexpected situations wherein dental care and service are needed, giving prompt and immediate first aid and keeping your cool are the most important things to remember. Time is crucial and the faster emergency treatment or first aid is done,...Read more
In finding a dentist that you can trust, patients should consider whether they are given excellent dental care and education from a dentist who listens to your concerns, will explain all the options and risks clearly, and who understands what...Read more
Identity Dentistry is located in Canberra CBD and our advocacy focuses on providing modern dentistry and services for all. Our dentists were all trained in Australia, with many being raised in Canberra! We can definitely give you the local touch....Read more
Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons that tooth extraction is needed. However, even though it is a common disease, it is also unfortunately often neglected. At Identity Dentistry, we prioritise preventive dentistry. Our dentists recognise the need...Read more
Root canal therapy is always an extremely painful ordeal → MYTH! With modern technology and anaesthetics there is no need to fear that root canal therapy will be a very painful experience. It may only be as painful as when...Read more
Wisdom tooth are your third molars – teeth that arrive later than all the others. Interestingly, the term likely comes from the Latin - dens sapientiae Most people start to become aware of their wisdom teeth in their adolescent years....Read more
Teeth whitening is rising in its popularity and so discussion about its safety is warranted. What are the main teeth whitening products? How effective and safe are they to use? Each product makes different claims about the results they can...Read more
Whether you’ve had to have a tooth removed or lost a tooth due to an accident, missing teeth can have an impact on your other teeth and your bite. Sometimes we have patients tell us that they aren’t worried about...Read more
Whilst dental whitening is a burgeoning market that is becoming more affordable and accessible, whitening your teeth is not the be all and end all. Whether you want to maintain your new white smile after undergoing whitening treatment or just...Read more