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Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Have you imagined your dream smile to be perfectly white, beautifully sparkly, and confidently bright? At Identity Dentistry, we have options available for you to have your perfect smile and we offer the most modern solution to Teeth Whitening Canberra with dramatic results in just an hour!

With a beautiful smile, you can do just about anything. It is the first thing anyone notices when they look at you and a confident smile can enhance your physical appearance and greatly impact your self-esteem.

When it comes to social activities that demand speaking, you are able to express yourself well when you have no worries about how your teeth will look. And during professional situations that involve speaking in a crowd or conversing with higher-ups, your smile is a big factor to positively influence how you carry yourself.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that utilises hydrogen peroxide in safe quantities to brighten your smile. There are several reasons why you should consider this treatment option for your case and this may include one of the following:

  • Discoloured teeth due to bad oral hygiene – long-standing plaque or tartar can contribute to the discoloration of teeth. When professionally removed, these may leave traces of stains on the tooth surface, something that teeth whitening can solve.

  • Teeth discolouration due to aging – this is a normal process as enamel naturally wears over time. When this happens, the teeth are more prone to staining.

  • Stains on teeth due to diet – regular coffee, tea, or wine drinkers may notice stains on the tooth surface due to the colorants from these products.

  • Stains from cigarette smoking – nicotine stains from cigarette smoking may build up on the tooth surface and when left over a long period of time, this may cause stubborn brown stains.

  • Enhanced physical appearance – patients may opt for teeth whitening if they want to enhance how they look— may it be for a wedding, a job interview, or to generally give themselves a good boost of confidence.

Teeth Whitening at Identity Dentistry

Depending on the patient’s specifications, choice, budget, and our dental professional’s recommendations, you can select from two of the available treatment procedures at Identity Dentistry.

This involves a fairly easy procedure that is often selected by patients who want gradual teeth whitening and those who want to control how white their teeth will be by the end of treatment.

This involves wearing custom-made bleach trays/guards that you place small dollops of the bleaching agent into for each use. The most common ingredient in these products is hydrogen peroxide or carbonate peroxide.

The guards can be worn during the day for a short period each time or overnight for a few weeks. The patient can wear this as often as they like and as long as they prefer until they achieve the desired shade of white for their teeth!

For those wanting gradual teeth whitening Canberra or concerned about the whitening looking unnatural, this is likely the best option.

To learn more about our take-home teeth whitening kits and our special online offer, please click here

This is a modern treatment using the innovation of Phillips Zoom that guarantees the most dramatic results in the least amount of time. In under an hour, you can have your brand new sparkly smile!

If you want instant teeth whitening, our dentists administer Phillips Zoom!™ in-chair tooth whitening. This process involves the dentist coating your teeth with peroxide gel and then shining a high-intensity light source over the top to enhance the whitening process.

This professionally applied gel contains a higher hydrogen peroxide concentration than the take-home bleaching agent – from 25% to 40%. Hydrogen peroxide is the primary active ingredient responsible for the whitening effect.

Dentists are the only professionals authorised to handle these gel solutions with the higher hydrogen peroxide concentrations (including Zoom!™ in-chair teeth whitening). As licensed healthcare practitioners, dentists are required to follow stringent safety protocols, including employing gum and lip shields when applying the gels so that the soft tissues in your mouth are protected from burns caused by the highly concentrated gel solution.

This is best for patients who want to achieve their dream smile faster, safer, and more effectively. As this is done under the supervision of our friendly dentists, you can have a more relaxed experience while we do the work for you.

  • This treatment may whiten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter than your existing tooth colour
  • This whitening solution is designed to protect your tooth enamel
  • No need to wait weeks for results, you can get whiter and brighter teeth in one appointment with one of our dentists
  • Whilst certain food and beverages can stain and discolour the tooth’s enamel over time, this is the most instant and long-lasting whitening treatment
Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening
*Before and after images provided by Philips Zoom!™.

For your Top Professional Teeth Whitening Canberra experience, our trained dentists are to ensure a personalised treatment to cater to your dental problems. Consultations are to be done first as this will help our dentists understand what you need and the results you expect.

We are also to assess the health of your teeth. The best outcome is guaranteed if the health of the mouth is at its best state. Otherwise, our dentists will recommend a treatment plan according to what you need before proceeding with teeth whitening— this includes addressing concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease Canberra.

The health and sensitivity of everyone’s teeth can differ, and that is why teeth whitening is not an appropriate treatment option for everyone. For example, people who have hypersensitive teeth might not be able to undertake tooth whitening as there is a possibility that the bleaching agents may enhance the sensitivity.

Furthermore, dental conditions such as tooth decay, gum recession, periodontal disease likely need to be addressed prior to teeth whitening. Whether you would like to undertake whitening through the take-home kit or in-chair, that is why the dentist must assess your teeth and their suitability for whitening before commencing any whitening treatment.

Phillips Zoom! Teeth Whitening Price:

  • Philips Zoom! Take Home Teeth Whitening – $469
  • Phillips Zoom! In Chair Teeth Whitening – $689
  • Take Home Whitening done together with In Chair Whitening is only additional $250

After treatment, we commit to preventive dentistry as patient education is put a priority.

Identity Dentistry promises a holistic approach in caring for your dental health and overall wellbeing. Schedule an appointment with our friendly team for your teeth whitening Canberra.

Smile like never before!

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