In a study by the Australian Dental Association, orofacial and dental injuries commonly occur during sports activities and as many as 31% of these injuries are a result of accidents during playing.

At Identity Dentistry, we recognise and prioritise Preventive Dentistry and this includes the fabrication of high-quality mouthguards that are custom-made to help prevent the risks and damages that may happen from accidents during sports activities.

Mouthguards, also known as mouth protectors, are an essential preventive measure to minimise or prevent injury to the teeth, soft tissues of the mouth, and the jaws that may occur during a collision in sports activities. These provide a cushion to reduce the impact of any blow to the cheek or the face. Importantly, a mouthguard also significantly reduces the risk of concussion.

In our commitment to Preventive Dentistry, Identity Dentistry greatly recommends the use of mouthguards for athletes and to anyone who enjoys doing sports. Dental and orofacial accidents that mouthguards can prevent or at least reduce the damages from are:

  • Dental injuries such as chipped teeth, subluxation, or completely knocked out teeth
  • Soft tissue injury (in cheeks and tongue) that may result in pain and swelling
  • Busted lip
  • Jaw fractures

Essentially, any activity that may result in injury to the face or teeth warrants the use of a mouthguard. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Collision or Contact Sports: Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Softball, Boxing, Martial Arts, Rugby
  • General or Adrenaline Sport: Gymnastics, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Bike Riding, Horseback Riding

There are several types of mouthguards available in the market, and generally, this includes an over-the-counter mouthguard and a dentist-prescribed mouthguard.

Over-the-counter mouthguards are either pre-formed or those called boil-and-bit. These are significantly less effective, therefore a short-term option as these are not perfectly designed to fit your teeth.

These mouthguards can easily dislodge at the application of even just the slightest bit of pressure and maybe completely taken off just when you need them. In that case, they are not able to guarantee the protection that you need. 

Meanwhile, Custom-Fitted Mouthguards Canberra that are prescribed by dentists are personalised to fit your teeth, and the materials used to make these are durable and thick enough for maximum protection. These provide the best solution to preventing dental injuries related to sports.

The best protection for either a child or an adult when playing sport is a dentist made mouthguard. A mouthguard custom made by one of our dentists is one made with the dentist’s professional consideration of the patient’s needs and can be made to suit your preferences.

A custom, dentist made mouthguard is comfortable, fits securely, allows you to speak clearly, will not restrict breathing, and maximises resistance against being dislodged in case of a fall or some other form of contact.

At Identity Dentistry, we offer our patients mouthguards Canberra which are:

  • Made from high-quality, durable, and modern materials
  • Custom-fit and personalised to teeth
  • Tightly adjusted to secure protection to teeth and soft tissues
  • Comfortable for long wear
  • Non-bulky, allowing ease in breathing during activities
  • Encourages restriction-free talking during sports
  • Caters to patient preferences— with several patterns, designs, and colours available!

These custom-fitted mouthguards are based on precise measurements and accurate molds that are adjusted to better fit your teeth. These are fabricated with optimum thickness and dimensions to serve their purpose well.

Custom-fitted mouthguards promise added protection, making sure you enjoy your sports activities without worries about potential injury should there be any untoward incident during play.

Invest in your dental health, enjoy your sports activities, and remain worry-free with custom-fitted mouthguards Canberra available at Identity Dentistry! Contact us for your consultation now!

Ask our friendly dentists at your next appointment to see the wide range of colours and patterns available for mouthguards Canberra. Whether you want rainbow, metallic, sparkles or even team colours – we have it covered!

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