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At Identity Dentistry, we keep-pace with breakthrough innovations in Dentistry and address our patient’s concerns with the best, most up-to-date care, and modernised treatment. Our dental professionals also consistently update themselves with these advancements as we commit to offering quality Dentistry.

We also recognise the specifications of our patients, assuring them that we offer treatment that would best suit their needs and demands without compromising the results. In that sense, we tackle the evolution of orthodontic treatment.

Traditional treatment to correct teeth alignment is done through the use of metal brackets and wires strategically placed on the teeth. However, we put into consideration that patients are now more conscious of their physical appearance and the metal braces put a dent on their self-esteem with how visible they are when they speak.

Another disadvantage is the care that metal braces demand. This includes meticulous home care such as thorough tooth brushing and the use of a special dental floss to make sure that no food debris is stuck in between the brackets.

Since these braces are not removable, patients are given the task to work around the brackets and wires to clean their teeth. If such necessary care is neglected, several dental concerns may arise such as bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

With this, orthodontic treatment has gradually taken a turn towards being less discernible and more comfortable for the patient. Hence, the advent of clear braces, and the rise of Invisalign.

From its name, Invisalign® is an invisible aid to teeth alignment. From teens to adults, Invisalign Canberra is a virtually invisible alternative to braces that straightens your teeth using a series of custom made, clear, removable aligners.

This innovation in orthodontic treatment and management is made of a clear and durable thermoplastic material that is custom fit for the patient to help gradually position teeth to proper alignment. Invisalign Canberra is so discreet most people will not know you are wearing them.

At Identity Dentistry, we can engineer the perfect smile for you through this modern treatment. During consultation, our dentist will identify whether you are a suitable candidate. If you are, your first set of clear aligners will be made for you.

Unlike traditional braces, the aligners are made without the need for teeth mold, only using cutting-edge technology available at our clinic where the teeth are scanned and 3D-printed. With comfort in mind, the edges are rounded off and the fit is perfectly done to make sure utmost comfort for the patient while in wear.

A series of custom made clear aligners will be prepared for the patient, changing every 2 weeks to aid in gradual teeth movement. Our professionals at Identity Dentistry will set appointments for you so we can keep track of progress.

Patients are required to wear the clear aligners for 22 hours a day, only removing it to eat, drink anything other than water, and during brushing and flossing.

  • Appearance: This is the top advantage of Invisalign over traditional braces. It is a discreet, almost invisible way to correct orthodontic problems. 

  • Hygienic: Because it is removable, there is less potential for dental concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease as patients can easily clean their teeth and follow their oral hygiene home care routine. 

  • Comfortable: The clear aligners are designed for your comfort. The smooth edge is gentler to your gums and cheek. They resemble a nightguard and they can also be taken off daily. With this, there is less discomfort for the patient.

  • Fast and effective results: Invisalign boasts of treatment success after 12 months or less, while traditional metal braces may take at least 2-3 years before completion.

At Identity Dentistry we want to make sure that you understand and are comfortable before we start on your Invisalign treatment. This appointment will mainly be for you to get to know us, the treatment, cost, duration and for us to assess your smile to give you this information.

We are happy to answer any questions as well as walk you through what Invisalign Package may be right for you. There will be a consultation cost of $80 that can be rebated on your private health insurance.

Invisalign can treat multiple occlusion/bites (overbites, underbites, open bites) but is very dependent on the extent of each case and how much movement is required.

In some cases, the face shape will change as the teeth are moved. This positive change can usually be seen in patients with overbites where their sunken cheeks fill out more after treatment.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all treatment plans.

Advantages of Invisalign are:

  • Clear appearance, cosmetically more appealing than traditional braces
  • Can be removed for easy cleaning, brushing, eating

Disadvantages of Invisalign are:

  • Relies on the individual wearing the aligners for the 20 – 22 hours every day
  • Less efficient in fixing complex misalignment
  • Aligners can be lost easily due to individuals removing them often during the day

On average Invisalign treatment will take 12 – 18 months.

In individuals with overbites, this may be longer as the average time frame can be anywhere from 6 to 24 months.

After you finish Invisalign treatment we always recommend having a retainer made. This is the final alignment that helps ensure your new smile stays in place.

There are different types of retainers present. To find out which is best for you, have a conversation with our dentists about it.

How much is Invisalign?

Invisalign Cost: Interest free payment plan from $25/week

Express Package

Up to 7 Aligners

Lite Package

Up to 14 aligners and 2 sets of refinement aligners for 2 years.

Moderate Package

Up to 26 aligners and unlimited refinement aligners for 2 years.

Comprehensive Package

Unlimited aligners within 5 years of treatment time

  • Consultation fee: $100
  • Mock up and impression appointment: $500 (non-refundable if patient decides not to proceed with the treatment)
  • Review Clincheck appointment: Non-refundable deposit of $3,000 is payable at this appointment if proceed, otherwise free if decided not to proceed with the treatment.
  • Installment min.$500 is payable each appointment (every 4-6 weeks)

Though there are many advantages, it is important that you are properly educated on how to care for your clear aligners and you exercise discipline during the course of treatment. By the end of it, not only do you have a better set of teeth but you are also guaranteed of a healthier, happier smile as well as more comfortable jaw movement.

However, Invisalign®, like everything, is not always right for everyone. Book a consultation with Dr Moore to discuss your case further and find out whether Invisalign Canberra is the suitable treatment for you and your orthodontic concerns.

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