Dental Crowns

If you are looking for a way to fix your damaged, broken, chipped teeth and have them restored for better function and aesthetics, then Crowns Canberra is the right treatment for you.

What is a tooth cap or a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cosmetic and restorative treatment that involves “capping” a badly damaged tooth to restore its normal function and promote better aesthetics. The highly durable material of a dental crown encourages normal function, including biting and chewing, after a badly damaged tooth is restored or after root canal therapy as this strengthens a weak tooth after considerable removal of tooth structure.

Crowns can be a suitable choice for teeth that have been accidentally damaged, chipped or broken. Tooth decay and grinding may also weaken a tooth and a crown is often the best way to save and strengthen it.

Some patients choosing to crown teeth that are oddly shaped or aligned in order to improve the aesthetics of their smile and function of the mouth.

This is a procedure recommended by our Identity Dentistry dentists for:

  • Restoration of badly damaged teeth from tooth decay

Extensive tooth decay requires a large amount of tooth structure to be removed. Dental crown Canberra would provide durability and excellently mimic the walls and contours of the tooth.

  • Restoration of teeth after trauma (chipped or fractured teeth)

If a tooth is fractured, dental crown Canberra will enhance the strength of the remaining tooth structure. In cases of a fractured front tooth, dental crowns flawlessly blend in colour and appearance with adjacent teeth and create a seamless bond with the remaining tooth crown.

  • Replacement restoration if there is a leak or considerable damage to existing restoration

If there is a leak or decay around the existing restoration, the tooth structure around it will have to be removed. In such situations, dental crowns would lessen the chances of future problems especially if properly maintained.

  • Post-restorative treatment after Root Canal Therapy

A tooth that has undergone Root Canal Therapy (RCT)  is weaker due to the removal of the pulp and some tooth structures. Dental crowns greatly enhance the strength of a  tooth post-RCT.

If after RCT there is no natural tooth crown left for the dental crown to cap, your dentist will discuss with you the necessary insertion of a post into the tooth as support for the dental crown. This is also the case for teeth with fewer to no natural structures left.

  • Improvement of aesthetics of oddly or irregularly shaped teeth

Oddly shaped teeth are capped with a dental crown to mimic what a natural tooth should look like. This procedure can dramatically enhance a person’s smile and boost his confidence.

  • If the root and base of the tooth are strong, then a dentist will prepare the tooth for a crown by removing a small portion of the enamel and dentin.
  • If the tooth is severely decayed or weak then it may be necessary to insert a post into the tooth to support the crown.
  • Your dentist may present the option of a metal crown (covered with tooth-coloured porcelain) or a full porcelain crown called a CEREC.

Tooth Crown cost in Canberra ranges from $2800 to $4000.

One-Visit Cerec Emax ceramic crown in Identity Dentistry starts from $1,700; Lab-made crown price starts from $2,400.

Our quality Cerec Emax crown is made in-house using the latest technology, top quality material, and hand crafted by our qualified and experienced dentists.

Types of Dental Crowns

At Identity Dentistry, we value patient specifications along with our dental professionals’ recommended treatment plan. To help with this, there are several options for Dental Crowns Canberra available at our clinic.

This is a popular type of dental crown with a metal alloy base for strength and a porcelain finish for aesthetics. This restoration has the look and appearance of a natural tooth.

Generally, this procedure would take at least two days to complete. After your initial consultation, the first treatment day would be allotted for shaping your tooth in optimum dimensions to prepare it to receive the dental crown.

Tooth molds are also made to help our laboratory create a custom-designed and perfectly fitted dental crown for you. A temporary crown is placed as a provision while we wait for your permanent dental crown.

The second day is for fitting your dental crown and cementing it in place. Your dentist is to make sure that it is firmly and seamlessly bonded onto the tooth. 

This is a same-day, chairside procedure in Identity Dentistry and is a modern take on making dental crowns. This involves a computer-generated ceramic crown that can be custom-made for you in just 10 minutes, making it a better option for patient convenience.

In this treatment, we use revolutionary CAD-CAM technology to capture 3-d images of your tooth and a design is made onto the image to create the perfect dental crown. Then, machines readily mill the design and allow our dentist to fit and cement the ceramic dental crown onto your teeth in under 15 minutes.

  • A metal crown requires two visits and is a relatively painless procedure.
  • During the first visit the teeth are prepared, models taken, and a temporary crown is placed ensuring that you leave the surgery with a beautiful smile.
  • Your crown is then custom-made and fitted during your second appointment.
  • The finished crown has a porcelain finish with a metal alloy underneath – the finished crown looks similar to a natural tooth.

CEREC crowns are computer generated and custom-made here at our practice, requiring only one visit to complete. This revolutionary procedure has transformed the options available to our patients allowing on the spot creation and completion of your porcelain crown.

While all the materials available in our clinic for the fabrication of dental crowns are of excellent quality stain-resistant, with great durability, and perfect aesthetics, it is important that our patients are educated on how to maintain good oral hygiene and that they recognise the importance of regular dental visits.

If this is religiously practiced, Identity Dentistry dental crowns are good investments that can last you for over 15 years.

Visit us for a consultation and let Identity Dentistry help you with your Tooth Crown for your perfect smile.

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