Check Up and Clean Canberra

Check Up and Clean Canberra
Check Up and Clean Canberra

Teeth Cleaning

While it is important that you maintain a good oral hygiene routine, there are still areas in the mouth that cannot be reached and cleaned by a regular toothbrush and through home care. When this is not managed, plaque builds up and bacteria accumulates. This may cause several problems such as hardened deposits, yellowing of teeth, bleeding gums, tooth decay, and bad breath. Hence, it is advised that you make it a habit to have your teeth cleaned by your dentist.

Our trained dental professionals at Identity Dentistry recommends a dental visit every 6 months for regular dental check up and clean which includes a full examination of your teeth and general oral health by one of our highly qualified dentists. Teeth cleaning Canberra done by our skilled professionals is one of the most important oral preventive measures.

  • Cleans your mouth and polishes your teeth to free them from bacteria that may cause tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Examines existing restorations if there is any need for replacement of fillings.
  • Removes superficial stains on your teeth and contribute to whitening.
  • Screens your mouth for signs of periodontal disease that, in extreme measures, may cause tooth loss.
  • Inspects for any abnormalities. When found at an earlier stage, any signs of oral cancer or other diseases have a better chance at being treated with a favorable outcome.
  • Identifies negative oral habits such as clenching and bruxism.
  • Provides you with an overview of oral hygiene and educates you abut the health of your teeth and mouth.
  • Reduces further treatment costs caused by future complications if neglected.

Before the procedure itself is done, our dental professional makes a comprehensive inspection of your mouth and your teeth. A record is made wherein teeth that need dental filling or tooth extraction are pinpointed for future reference.

Screening for gum disease and oral cancer is also done. This is important so the dentist is able to establish a systematic treatment plan to help with your dental needs and with the maintenance of good oral health.

Afterwards, your teeth are cleaned using tools to remove plaque. Dental plaque is an invisible layer that accumulates when surfaces of teeth are not properly cleaned. It is where bacteria that contributes to tooth decay thrives.

It is this layer which can result in gum irritation and is often the main cause of gum disease. Removal of calculus and plaque can reduce the yellow appearance of teeth.

Scaling is also done and this removes hardened deposits beneath your gum line, an area which is not reachable by home care teeth cleaning systems. When not removed, these deposits will cause gum and periodontal disease.

Fluoride treatment is an important part of your teeth washing or professional teeth cleaning appointment. This is applied on the surface of the teeth to help strengthen and prevent decay. Digital x-rays may also be taken to further check your oral health.

Also, as part of Identity Dentistry’s program to help you maintain a long-lasting and healthy teeth, our dentist will also explain and recommend steps that are important for the maintenance of good oral health.

Good oral hygiene and patient education makes for a cleaner and healthier mouth and set of teeth— such are indications of a patient’s overall state of wellness which we prioritise at Identity Dentistry. Have your check-up and dental cleaning Canberra done and visit us at Identity Dentistry.

Our patient recall system offers you a friendly reminder via your chosen method when it is time for your next check up and clean.

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