Dental Bridge Canberra

Having chipped, damaged, and missing teeth can affect our day to day living. If it is located in a noticeable area, visible especially when we smile or talk, it impacts our self-esteem and the tendency is for us to shy away from speaking. It can also affect our normal functioning like with drinking and eating.

Difficulties come when we find that chewing requires more work because there is lesser than usual teeth to grind food. Also, over time, gaps can contribute to more dental problems such as rotated adjacent teeth that can shift towards the spaces. This will require more procedures to be aligned and fixed.

At Identity Dentistry, dental professionals are expertly trained, extensively knowledgeable, and fully equipped with state of the art and advanced dental technology to assist with this problem. Cosmetic dentistry and dental bridge Canberra are done to manage and treat gaps.

Full assessment of the mouth and understanding of the patient’s concerns are done by our experts to identify the right treatment plan that will ultimately lead to the best outcome. As there are several types of dental bridges and several ways to go about this procedure, our experts will help you achieve your expected results.

For patients who have a missing or lost tooth, a bridge may be the appropriate treatment. In particular, this treatment caters to patients who are not suited to dental implants.

As with a structural bridge that connects one point to another, dental bridges work the same way by “bridging” gaps between the teeth. These are prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing, stable teeth or dental implants.

These supporting teeth will serve as anchors to give you a better smile and a new full set of teeth.

Dental bridges can work to enhance cosmetics and the overall strength of teeth necessary for chewing. Depending on your needs and where the gap is located, dental bridges can be made with porcelain, ceramic, metal, or gold alloys.

Our dental professionals at Identity Dentistry will give you a proper assessment to determine the best type and material of dental bridge for you.

Traditional Dental Bridges are usually made of porcelain with a metal fused base that serves both the esthetics and functional needs of the patient. The porcelain shell would be made to mimic the color of natural teeth, making your dental bridge indistinguishable.

Meanwhile, the metal base offers strength to withstand chewing forces, making it more comfortable for you to eat.

However, this procedure will take a while before final installation. The first appointment after assessment will be allocated for shaping the tooth and preparing it for the dental bridge.

Then, a temporary bridge is placed as provision while the custom dental bridge Canberra is fabricated for you. This will require at least two dental visits which will be of slight inconvenience for patients who need their smiles to be fixed quickly.

Fortunately, advancements in Cosmetic and Prosthodontic Dentistry are made available at Identity Dentistry. Full porcelain crowns are made on the spot and in one dental visit through the revolutionary technology of CEREC bridges.

After shaping the teeth, a 3D scan is made and a visual mockup of the expected result is generated on the computer so you can see your future smile. Then, using CEREC technology, a custom, perfectly fit, visually esthetic, and fully functional computer generated dental bridge is constructed for you.

Different patients would require a different set, type, and material of dental bridges. While all are durable, stain resistant, and have advantages and disadvantages over another, ultimately, it will depend on several factors which our experts at Identity Dentistry can assess and afterwards, explain and recommend to you.

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