Why would I need a crown?

Crowns can be a suitable choice for teeth that have been accidentally damaged, chipped or broken. Tooth decay and grinding may also weaken a tooth and a crown is often the best way to save and strengthen it. Some patients choosing to crown teeth that are oddly shaped or aligned in order to improve the aesthetics of their smile and function of the mouth.

Ask us about the difference between a metal and a full porcelain crown.

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What is the procedure?

  • If the root and base of the tooth are strong, then a dentist will prepare the tooth for a crown by removing a small portion of the enamel and dentin.
  • If the tooth is severely decayed or weak then it may be necessary to insert a post into the tooth to support the crown.
  • Your dentist may present the option of a metal crown (covered with tooth-coloured porcelain) or a full porcelain crown called a CEREC.

What does a metal crown involve?

  • A metal crown requires two visits and is a relatively painless procedure.
  • During the first visit the teeth are prepared, models taken, and a temporary crown is placed ensuring that you leave the surgery with a beautiful smile.
  • Your crown is then custom-made and fitted during your second appointment.
  • The finished crown has a porcelain finish with a metal alloy underneath – the finished crown looks similar to a natural tooth.

What does a CEREC crown involve?

CEREC crowns are computer generated and custom-made here at our practice, requiring only one visit to complete.This revolutionary procedure has transformed the options available to our patients allowing on the spot creation and completion of your porcelain crown.

Things to know about both types of crowns

Both metal and CEREC crowns are extremely durable, stain resistant, and have the same function as your natural teeth. Your dentist may recommend one type of crown over another on a case by case basis.